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Colour as an Antidote for 2021

As we reflect on 2021, we can see that effects of COVID-19 have seeped into varying levels of our lives be it consciously or sub-consciously. We are all spending much more time at home, visiting with family and close friends and looking after our own mental and physical wellbeing.

In the new post virus world, we can see that colour will play an important role in helping to keep our minds calm, to relax our body and to help maintain our mental wellbeing at home.

Many trend reports predict anxiety, fear and stress as the key drivers to a new trend surfacing called Self-Care. A concept that places greater importance on our overall health, emotional, physical, spiritual and mental wellbeing.

Nature has become a big inspiration when it comes to colour, and the recent focus on getting back to nature has played a pivotal role in our lives as we look to wide open spaces and fresh air to retreat to and enjoy.

Turning to colour psychology, we can create calm and wellness at home in our own sanctuary. The shift in colours has very much turned from cool shades to warm natural colours and is set to grow.

The colours that we are drawn to now are soft, earthy, whimsical and warm, and above all they are very easy to live with.

We love the natural pallet of whites blended with blues, greens and pinks. Don’t be afraid of colour in your home. Here we look at our favourites.

The New Whites

Warmer shades of white are coming back, they are soft off-whites with just a touch of ochre or pink to give them a cocooning effect in our homes, making us feel warm and cosy.

Try Dulux Casper White Half, Dulux Natural White or Dulux Beige Artefacts

Balancing Blues

Blue is the most universally liked colour. Reflective of the sea and the sky its calming effect on us is quite immediate physically. Blue is also a trustworthy colour, a stable colour and a great one to use to bring calm and peacefulness to our homes. Blues inspire coastal looks so think about blue shades found in nature for inspiration.

Try Dulux Cameo Blue Half, Dulux Blue Shell, Dulux Niche.

Calming Greens

Green is symbolically the colour of nature and wellbeing. Its no surprise that blue and green look amazing together in a room, these shades bring the outdoors in, to calm and invigorate us at the same time. Forget the old saying of blues and greens should never been seen, because in nature they are all around us.

Try Dulux Powdered Gum, Dulux Herbalist, Dulux Soft Fresco

Perfect Pink

We have seen the rise of what has been called ‘Millennial Pink’, now that pink has morphed to a warmer blush pink with a more earthier tone similar to pink plaster used on European walls. Part of the desert palette, earthier pinks have a calming effect and have been used in prisons to help calm inmates to great effect. The trick to pink is a little goes along way, so try it as an accent it pairs beautifully with sage greens, dusty terracotta shades and natural rattan.

Try Dulux Yolande, Dulux Pancake Mix, Dulux Maiko, Dulux

For more inspiration, visit one of our display homes today

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