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Watagan Park 8

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Watagan Park 3

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Watagan Park 8

We believe in outside, and we’re here to ensure families are given every opportunity to enjoy the benefits of being outdoors. Watagan Park is Nature’s Playground – our community, with nice big blocks, quiet streets, and prime location at the foot of the Watagans, provides our residents with more opportunity to live a healthy, active lifestyle.perfectly situated to give you the lifestyle of your dreams
With the nearby amenities of Lake Macquarie and easy access to the M1 and the railway, Watagan Park is as close to paradise as you can get. A plethora of lifestyle activities available for the entire family, including bushwalks, waterskiing, horse riding, rock climbing and bike trails

Home Only Packages

New Stage Release - Watagan Park


Following the sell-out of the last release the Johnson Group are excited to be bringing 108 lots to the market over the coming weeks! The next release day will be held on Sunday 20th June.

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Home Only Package - Gallery 25 - June 20
House Only - Caulfield 26 - June 2021_00
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