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Dual occupancy dwellings and duplex homes are becoming increasingly popular, particularly in metro areas. At Perry Homes we have the experience and an in-house design team that can turn your vision into reality.  There are a number of reasons and personal circumstances that lead people to the prospect of building duplex homes.


1. Investment

Larger blocks and corner blocks are well suited for these types of build particularly for an investor looking to maximise their rental return. Two streams of income is better than one! That way you not only increase your rental income, but also spread the potential risk of having an empty investment property and needing to cover the mortgage.


2. Budget

Often people look to build duplex homes or a dual occupancy dwelling to finance their own build. Found the perfect block of land, but can’t afford to build there? Perhaps consider building two homes and either sell one to help finance the build or else keep both and rent out the second property to offset your mortgage.


3. Granny Flat

Family circumstances can dictate the type of property you build as well. In today’s fast changing market, a dual occupancy dwelling or duplex home is an attractive alternative to your traditional granny flat. Should a family member need to reside with you, but still want to maintain their independence then a duplex or dual occupancy provides the perfect solution. And, it is a win-win when it comes to resale value.

At Perry Homes we have a number of standard and corner block plans available to choose from. You can have identical properties or different properties, two storey or single-storey. One property could be 3 bedrooms, 2 living and 2 garage and the second could be 2 bedroom, 1 living and 1 garage. The options are endless.

However, we also understand that there is no perfect one size for all, particularly when it comes to knock down rebuilds. That is why our in-house time will work with you to design a dual occupancy home that meets your exact requirements and complies with local council planning regulations.

Contact the sales consultant at your nearest display home today to find out more or come in to our display homes located throughout NSW

Granny Flats

Magnolia 2B - GF floorplan.JPG


We are excited to add the new Magnolia design to our expanding portfolio. The two bedroom Magnolia is a cleverly designed “granny flat” or small home which can easily be adapted to suit a range of living needs.

A very spacious kitchen flows into the living and dining areas which then leads to an outdoor entertaining area. Two large bedrooms are centred around a spacious bathroom which also includes a built-in laundry.


The synergy of the generous space and practical functionality brings together clever design and modern styling

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