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Home and Land Package FAQs

Got questions? We’re here to answer them all.......

1. How do Home and Land packages work?

Home and Land is bundled into one package with two separate Contracts: your home design and build, and the land itself. Home and Land packages are custom designed – for the block. You can tailor the design to fit with your lifestyle and all the necessary regulatory requirements.

2. What is a turnkey Home and Land package?

A turnkey home is ready to live in. Unlike a Home and Land package where the home is yet to be built, a turnkey home is completely move-in ready.

3. Is stamp duty payable on Home and Land packages?

When you buy a Home and Land package, you could be eligible for a stamp duty exemption.

4. When is the house built?

Construction on your home begins once you’ve settled on your land, signed the building contract and your plans have been approved.

5. Is a Home and Land package worth it?

If you’re looking for convenience and an upfront cost, a Home and Land package provides this transparency.. It takes all of the effort out of building a home, and allows you to account for all your costs from day one. For more information on whether a Home and Land package is right for you, contact our friendly sales team today.

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