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Smartstone - Sintered Collection meets Government compliance.

On 22 March 2024, the Work Health and Safety (WHS) Ministers agreed to a number of key implementation matters for the prohibition on the use of engineered stone by 1 July 2024.


The Communique (link below) stated that sintered stone and porcelain are excluded from the prohibition, being products that do not contain resin.


We are pleased to announce that the newly launched Smartstone Sintered Collection fully complies with government regulations. Smartstone's new collection offers a comprehensive benchtop solution, combining technology, quality, value, guaranteed supply, aesthetic precision, performance and compliance.


Unlike engineered stone, the Sintered Collection is made from 100% natural material and contains no metal compounds or resins as binders.


Now in stock nationwide, the Collection comprises 24 new stone surfaces available in 3 price categories.


Visit Smartstone’s new website to know more about the Collection.

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