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'Potters Lane' has sold out....

The end of an era has been reached in Raymond Terrace, with McCloy Group’s Potter's Lane now sold out. The boutique community located off Rees James Road promoted a family friendly and affordable lifestyle within the Region, one which saw it welcome many new families to area. First launching in July 2016, Potter's Lane became quickly known for its impressive park and playground facilities, above average block sizes and as an affordable land offering within Port Stephens.

“It has been great to see so many young families enter the property market and build their family homes at Potter’s Lane. The housing options here are affordable and residents have enjoyed location, giving the community the ability to live close to work opportunities without the added complexity that comes with living in the larger CBD areas” commented James Goode, Development Director.

Over the duration of the project, Potter's Lane has hosted numerous community events and welcomed many new families to the region. This has all contributed to the outstanding reputation Potter's Lane has come to hold and made the development a positive and rewarding experience for the McCloy Group. Thank you to residents both old and new and the wider community which had so warmly welcomed Potter's Lane throughout its 5-year development period.

We would also like to share our thanks to the Moxey Family, our Joint Venture Partners here at Potter's Lane for entrusting us to bring this community to life on their family property. It has been a positive partnership with a local family to create a new community here in Raymond Terrace.

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