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Blake & Belinda - Perry Homes Malibu 24 Review

Good morning,

Below is our testimonial for our home. Thanks again so much to everyone who was involved in our build from the very start to the very end. We appreciate all the effort you all put in. We love our home.  

Blake and Bel

‘Building our first home was an amazing experience. Perry homes was the first display home we walked in together and we fell in love. From the start, Noel was happy to spend a lot of time rearranging walls, getting rid of walls and  rearranging bathrooms on our plan to suit us. He was always happy to see us and always ensured our calls and emails were replied to and every question answered. We can’t thank him enough for making our building experience a great one. 

Even the colour choices for tiles and cupboards with the help from Jeanie were easy and enjoyable. Thank you! We love our bathrooms and kitchen! 

The first day we met our supervisor Brandon on site, we knew the build would also be a breeze. Brandon was extremely organised, would reply to all our emails, calls and text ASAP. He would constantly send photos of the build for us to see every part. Brandon is such a genuine, easy person to get along with and we were blessed to have him as our supervisor, and even after the build, still continues to reply to our emails ASAP. We were constantly told by people ‘oh good luck building...’ but we were lucky enough to have such a positive experience! The build itself was under 12 weeks and we absolutely love our home! 

I 100% recommended Perry Homes!!!’

Belinda W

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