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SMARTSTONE - 21st Birthday news.....

As they celebrate 21 years of Smartstone leadership in engineered stone benchtops, it’s out with the old and in with the ‘NewGen.’ They’re delighted to announce that the entire Smartstone range now comprises the low silica, up to 56% recycled Smartstone NewGen base. That means their full range of 34 surfaces, and the seven stones in the Ibrido Collection, are available with this innovative, more sustainable formulation.

Today’s unrivalled engineered stone range is the culmination of 21 years of dedication to product innovation and performance, while remaining committed to environmental care and industry responsibility. In making such advances, some Smartstone surfaces have not transitioned to the new base and are in the process of being discontinued. However, they have just released 15 stunning new stones, carefully selected to enhance the existing Smartstone range of European-inspired surfaces designed for Australian living.

Take a look at the updated range of beautiful, versatile Smartstone NewGen surfaces on their website.

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